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    Mohammad Aljamous

    Hi, my name is Mohammad Aljamous and I specialize in Information Technology and Services industry. I work now as a Social Media Coordinator at Paper Airplanes. I was working as Website Editor, Trainer at YU Google Guides. I love working with passionate people and sharing what I've learned with them, Hard worker, ambitious and committed person, always looking for innovative and creative solutions.

    This website is my window to the world where you can find more about me and then get in touch for a chat about potential projects.

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  • Education & Volunteering

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    PR, Social Media Coordinator
    Jan 2017 – Present

    We use online education to provide digital education to conflict-affected communities, I am responsible for creating visual & text content on the social media platforms of Paper Airplanes and conducting some sort of communications as a member of Public Relations department.

    • www.paper-airplanes.org

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    Voluntary work
    Website Editor, Trainer

    Sep 2015 – Sep 2016

    Train Students on how to use Google Apps for Education including ( Gmail, Drive, Group, Website..)
    And I have filled the position of Social Media Team Leader.

    • www.facebook.com/YU.Google
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    Sep 2013 – Present

    Bachelor Degree, Business Administration


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    Google Club Day, Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan.

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